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Day Overview

The one day Training Academy covers the following topics, via Charlotte sharing best practice and guiding through interactive forums:

Networking Drinks

At the end of the day we invite you to join us for a networking opportunity for one hour with the first drink on us (optional attendance).

Refreshments & Lunch

We provide refreshments throughout the day including: water, tea, coffee and snacks. We also provide a full lunch meal which separates the morning and afternoon sessions.

The Four D’s

The four D’s of Productivity and how to introduce the system into your daily task management.

The CEO & EA

What is the most important meeting of the week for the CEO? Charlotte shares her experience on how to make the most important interaction between EA and CEO, why is this, how to make this happen and what is the benefit?

The Never-Ending List

We all know, lists are only useful if they are well managed. This is an interactive section on sharing each other’s practices on the management of tasks. Charlotte will share her trusted tracker, which is a double and triple check system which can be easily adopted for all EA’s.

Diary Management

Sharing the principle that the value add is more than creating a diary appointment but how to capture, analyse the best use of the CEO’s time, using the diary as a storage house, categorisation, diary naming conventions and how to best de-brief and execute meeting actions and hold action owners accountable.

Mind Reading

Covers the best practice and delivery of inbox management for multiple people, how not to miss anything, making the CEO believe their EA is a mind reader.

Ten Step Ahead Rule

Going into detail and sharing strategies on always being prepared for that dreaded last minute frantic call from the CEO, and how to be prepared at all times.

The Holiday Sensation

Charlotte will share the secret to always behaving like the next day is a holiday.

Good vs Excellence

Charlotte shares her experience on how she has added value to numerous Directors business and personal lives - increasing their productivity and their direct reports productivity by having a super-efficient right-hand proactive assistant.

The YUG Effect

Charlottes shares and asks others to share around the table examples of different issues and circumstances which have been overcome in the role and how to always remain level headed.

The NEXT Level

Introduction to the GROW model and how to use it to achieve career goals and objectives.

One-to-One Coaching

One-to-one coaching is available for those looking to improve upon their skills.

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Quarterly Interactions

We will follow up at the end of every quarter to ascertain progression and integration.

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Troubleshooting Specifics

Charlotte is on hand to dicuss challenges and can advise on the best route forward.

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